How Green is Our Footprint?

The five Anglican Primates of Oceania met in Australia earlier this year to discuss issues affecting the region.

One of these was the threat to low-lying nations in the Pacific from global warming, and they said:

“We agreed that as whole nations of ocean people lose their island homes, climate justice advocacy and action must become the most urgent priority for Oceanic Anglicans.”

With this message from Archbishop Phillip Freier and his four peers, we are all being called on to be part of the solution, and:

  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • reduce waste and consumption
  • recycle whatever and whenever we can

The Parish Council has done much to reduce our power consumption with the replacement of light globes with economical alternatives wherever possible, and they continue to look for ways to improve what we do here at church. And this is financially economical as well.

The Social Justice Group will be raising awareness of many ways that each one of us can become more aware of our own consumption and able to choose greener options.

Each month for the next year, we will be offering ideas, suggestions and challenges, to help us all protect the beautiful world we live in.

More coming soon!


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