Green Fete News 3


There is an old saying many hands make light work.

We need Fete Volunteers to run the parish fete.

If you can spare an hour to help ,

add you name to the GREEN FETE NOTICE on parish noticeboards

  • Bookstall (Jenny Brown)
  • Trash & Treasure (Doug Hastings & Bev Anderson)
  • BBQ (Paul Rowlands)
  • KIDS ZONE (Marg Taylor)
  • Toys (Fiona Nicholson-Stocker)
  • Craft (Ros Sahhar & Anne Richardson)
  • Tombola (Fran Ludgate)
  • Plants (Maggie & Graeme Dellora)
  • Cakes (Janice Millar)
  • Produce (Alf North)
  • Parking & Cleaning (Bruce Chugg)

Setting up on Friday Oct. 27th

Reserve this FETE DAY: Saturday Oct 28th.


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