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Ladies’ Guild

old wellThe Ladies’ Guild was formed at St Stephen’s (as it was then) in 1935. One of its important activities was to raise funds for the church, through street stalls, basket luncheons, garden parties, displays, demonstrations and fetes.

In itsĀ first year, the Guild raised funds to purchase kerosene for the gas lamps, lamp wicks, brooms, hymn books and a psalter. In the following year, their funds paid for connection of a water supply to the church, which had been supplied by a well until then. The site of the old well has been retained as a feature in the current site and is marked with two colours of pebbles (shown right).

The Guild has had membership of around 20 people for the past 80 years, meeting in homes to start with, and now in the Parish Centre.

Since 1968, the Guild takes two weeks each year to run the Lions Club Op Shop in Mount Waverley as a fund raising activity.

From 1964 to 2006, the Ladies’ Guild served breakfast after the Waverley ANZAC Day Dawn Service which was held at St Stephen’s and St Mary’s at that time. In 2007, the service moved to the Cenotaph in Kingsway, Glen Waverley, and in appreciation of the work of the Guild, the RSL made a donation to them, which was used to purchase two microwave ovens for the church.

The Guild has also catered for funerals held at the church and for many other occasions.

Please contact Janice Miller via the Parish Office for more details about the Ladies Guild.

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