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GalahKookEmu – A group following Benedictine traditions

GalaKookEmu is the name of our group that is part of the international ‘Monasteries of the Heart’ movement.

galahkookemuThis is a monastery without walls or monks or nuns, a new form of Benedictine life for our time. It is a monastic movement for lay people to respond to the thirst for spirituality in today’s world. It enables community groups to form both online and in small on-site communities of like-minded seekers for spiritual sustenance and personal growth by building a deeper rhythm of prayer into daily life.

Benedictine life has something to offer to today’s search for community, spirituality, meaningful work, care of creation and peace.

GalahKookEmu explained

The group meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday evening, 7pm.

Please contact Christine Mallouhi on (03) 9807 3168 for details about the group.

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