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Afternoon Meditation Group – Inner Stillness

Held on the 1st Wednesday every month in the Chapel from 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm led by Val Dyke, the parish’s Spiritual Director.  Email:

Val the leads the  group into the silence ‘Be still and know that I am God’ is our prayer as we gather.  A centre piece of a lighted candle is placed on a cloth which relates to the theme upon which we are to meditate. The lighted candle symbolises the light of Christ in our midst. Sacred Music is played also relating to the theme upon which we will meditate.

Then, there is time to write in our Prayer Journals about our experience of prayer. There is also time to share, about our experiences, if we wish, in order to own them. There is no comment or discussion between the group. It is, however, in the experience of those who attend, that the sharing is often encouraging to one another, as we share, we find similar thoughts.

Group meditation is very different from going it alone and in fact some of the participants find meditation much easier with others in prayerful company. We have found that there’s an energy which carries us, sending us deeper and silencing the distractions.

We always welcome new participants young and old, new, and experienced meditators to share in the silence together.

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